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Cookies & Privacy

Cookies When you visit a website your browser stores very small text files called cookies on your computer or device. Cookies enable websites to “remember” the way you use the site and respond appropriately. Information generated about your use of this website is used to analyse and improve your user experience. The information we gather… Read more »

Arriving at The House

Coming for your first appointment At both Houses, on Snow Hill and on Wimpole Street, there are separate door bells to each consulting room with a board showing you which room your therapist is working from today. Simply ring the bell to your therapist’s room, and they will welcome you through the speaker before buzzing… Read more »

What to expect in therapy

A step into the unknown Our therapists understand that the pain people feel is more often than not the result of an unfortunate set of life experiences, or some other factor beyond their control, and is certainly not due to any ‘fault’ in that person for which they might be ‘judged’. Once they’ve taken the… Read more »

Fees & Payment

Session fees We charge £125 per session for individual therapy, please note that for face to face this fee will increase to £150 as of 1 August 2022. For couples we charge £160 (increasing to £180 from 1 August 2022). Making payments Payment can be made with cash, cheque or bank transfer, at the end… Read more »

Taking the next step

Contacting us for the first time We know that even a phone call may be difficult for you at times, and this one especially so, with the significance it carries as a potential turning point in your life. If it feels too much, you’re very welcome to break the ice with an email or a… Read more »

The House Approach

Understanding the pain we feel It’s often difficult to put a name to feelings of emotional pain and distress. And sometimes it can be positively unhelpful to be labeled with a ‘diagnosis’. After all we are all normal people dealing in our own ways with the uncertainties of our lives and with difficulties stemming from… Read more »

The Client Agreement

Understanding the way we work We want you to feel fully informed about the practical side of coming for therapy, and our Client Agreement is a clear and concise guide to what’s involved. If, at the end of your first session, you decide to continue with therapy, only then will your therapist will ask you… Read more »