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Arriving at The House

When you make your first appointment with one of our therapists, we'll send an email confirmation which includes our full address and some other useful information about your first session.

Coming for your first appointment

At both Houses, on Snow Hill and on Wimpole Street, there are separate door bells to each consulting room with a board showing you which room your therapist is working from today.

Simply ring the bell to your therapist’s room, and they will welcome you through the speaker before buzzing you in.

Please be aware that if you ring the bell a little too early you may be disturbing the session immediately before yours, so it’s best not to arrive until a few minutes before the session itself begins.

You'll find your therapist's name on the panel, and can buzz directly to their room

Waiting areas

Your therapist will probably invite you straight to their room, but if they’re not quite ready they may ask you to wait for a few moments.

At Snow Hill the waiting area is immediately inside the front door, and at Wimpole Street there is a waiting room on the first floor.

There is no reception service at either House as our therapists prefer to greet their clients personally. So there’s no need to ‘sign in’ as your therapist will have buzzed you in and knows you have arrived.