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Taking the next step

We understand that deciding to start therapy can be daunting. Once you've made this important decision we'll make every effort to ensure the process is as simple and supportive as possible.

Contacting us for the first time

We know that even a phone call may be difficult for you at times, and this one especially so, with the significance it carries as a potential turning point in your life. If it feels too much, you’re very welcome to break the ice with an email or a message via our contact form, where you can tell us as much or as little as you like about yourself, or simply ask us to call you back.

Whether by phone or email, we’ll first ask just a few practical questions so we can match you with the therapist we think is most appropriate — the location you’d prefer to visit for therapy; your broad area of concern (though there’s no need to go into any detail at this stage); and any preferences you may have in terms of gender of your therapist or the style of therapy they practice. Finally we’ll agree a day and time for your first appointment.

Making you feel at home

It’s important to emphasise that this first session is largely exploratory, a gradual getting-to-know-you for you to feel more comfortable both with your therapist and with the process and aims of therapy itself. There’s absolutely no commitment to a second or third session, and at this or any other time you are always free to decide that therapy isn’t for you after all.

That said, we’re confident that we can soon begin to put you at your ease. Just know that there’s absolutely nothing expected of you at this stage, other than to be there, and to allow your therapist to take the first steps towards establishing a productive relationship.