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Dr David Gracey

Chartered Psychologist

My Philosophy

I like to consider people from the perspective of words and language. The stories that we tell ourselves and the ways we narrate our own lives can be incredibly liberating….or painfully constraining. We can all too easily find ourselves at the wrong end of punishing self-talk, and the words we use—whether spoken or thought—can have an extraordinary power over us. Left unchecked, the weight of all those self-imposed expectations can lead to a debilitating sense of distress.

Gelb-Rot-Blau (detail), 1925. W Kandinsky
Centre Pompidou, Paris

However, these words and stories are also malleable: It is possible to change our story, adapt the rules, and be liberated by learning to change the way we judge and perceive ourselves.

My Approach

I come from a traditional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) background, enhancing this with elements of other more recent evidence-based approaches, including Mindfulness. From the outset I can offer genuine curiosity, with no other agenda than to truly listen. This is your opportunity to be still, to sit and to relate your stories, so that eventually we can begin to shape them to make a brighter future. For this to happen you need to be heard, listened to, and understood.

Therapy is about showing you this possibility of hope, helping you find the ingredients for change, and then co-constructing a plan to help get you there.


My desire to make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of others, coupled with the experience of listening to and engaging with other people’s stories, are what allow for meaningful change to occur on both sides. The unique nature of each person’s therapeutic experience means there is always more to be learned, and the opportunities for growth really keep the experience alive.


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Dip Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
PhD Clinical Medicine
BA Psychology


ACT & Mindfulness
CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Counselling & Counselling Psychology


Depression & Unhappiness
Anxiety & Panic
Relationship Issues
Stress & Burnout
Anger Problems
OCD & Obsessions