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Dr Aimee McCarthy

Chartered Counselling Psychologist

My Philosophy

Most of us struggle with difficulties in our lives from time to time. Challenges are a normal part of life and often we manage them effectively and successfully but there are times when we can feel overwhelmed or unable to cope as well as we might like. Having someone to talk to who has no agenda other than supporting you and helping you work things through can be a particularly liberating and reparative experience. 

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Therapy isn’t about giving advice or telling you how to do things differently, it’s about helping you navigate your own way through your difficulties. I believe that the power to make changes and to grow lies within you and that therapy simply provides the tools to help you feel empowered to make those changes.

Having an emotionally safe space, where you can be heard and be accepted, is a good start to helping you explore and develop insight into your difficulties. Paramount to any therapeutic experience is the therapeutic relationship which develops between you and your therapist. This helps inform our understanding of the psychological difficulties you may be experiencing and is essential to bringing about long lasting change.

My Approach

Although trained in a variety of models of therapy, I recognise that there isn’t a one size fits all approach to treatment or one proven model that works for all of us. Everyone’s therapeutic experience is different and unique to them. Afterall, we’re not all the same, we have different backgrounds and past histories and these help form the distinct individuals that we are. We all experience the world differently and it is therefore important that your therapeutic experience is tailored to suit you and your individual needs.

In the first session we will explore in detail the difficulties you are experiencing and get a joint understanding of what may be causing your difficulties. Together we will discuss some ideas that might help us progress in the therapy and think about what you want out of therapy. How therapy progresses will depend on what you’re struggling with and what you want to focus on.

Most Importantly you are actually the expert on you and you have autonomy in your treatment, working at your pace with your focus. We may look at how your thoughts and behaviours are leaving you feeling and explore how we can change this for the better. We may take a more psychodynamic approach reflecting on how past relationships and patterns of relating are hindering you in the present. We may also think about how to be kinder and more compassionate towards ourselves.


I am very passionate about what I do and I am fascinated by the human experience. I feel truly fortunate to have worked with and continue to work with amazing people who have trusted me and given me the privilege of sharing their stories with me. No one’s experience is the same and I’m hugely grateful to all the people I have met in my work who let me grow and learn with them.