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Dr Anna Marshall

Chartered Counselling Psychologist


Life can be difficult at times, and it can be a challenge working through issues in everyday life. Therapy can provide a non-judgemental and empathic space to be able to process some of the difficulties or provide a space to reflect and work towards living a more fulfilling life. A key part of this process is having a trusting therapeutic relationship where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself and feel supported.


As a Counselling Psychologist, my core foundation is based on humanistic values, such as creating an empathic, safe and respecting therapeutic space. As every individual is unique and come with their own experiences, I taken on an integrative approach where like to draw on different therapeutic approaches. This approach provides a flexibility, creativity and openness in my way of working.

Some of the therapeutic approaches I draw upon are the Cognitive Behavioual theory (CBT), narrative and psychodynamic approaches. I often use CBT when working with particular thoughts and behaviours and use the narrative approach and psychodynamic approach when working with relationships or life changes/stages.


I have always loved being with people and always wanted to know their stories of life. I am forever curious. Working as a therapist, I am often humbled and inspired by the human resilience and their ability to make changes. I am constantly learning and developing as a psychologist.


PsychD, Doctorate in Counselling psychology, MA in Health Psychology and BSc in Psychology


CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
ACT & Mindfulness
Counselling & Counselling Psychology
Integrated Psychotherapy


Depression & Unhappiness
Anxiety & Panic
Stress & Burnout
Relationship Issues
Anger Problems
OCD & Obsessions