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Dr Filipa Alves-Costa

Chartered Psychologist

My Philosophy

I am a great believer that individuals possess a variety of skills, knowledge and strength to adjust and adapt to “new normal” events. Nevertheless, sometimes we benefit from some professional support to overcome negative patterns and emotional difficulties. Therapy offers you the opportunity to identify, explore and tell your story in a safe and supportive space to explore your feelings, worries, anxieties, unhelpful patterns, and coping strategies. My role is to support you in discovering new and healthier ways to feel, think, act, connect, and relate with yourself and others. Together, we will explore what you find challenging to deal with, what strengths you have to help you embrace a new journey towards recovery and towards a more fulfilling life.

My Approach 

Your story as a client guides my approach to therapy. For me, providing warmth, creativity, and a safe space to explore and identify your story is key. Tailoring interventions in line with my clients’ experiences, hopes and expectations is pivotal. From there, I will reference various frameworks and approaches I feel appropriate and adapt my style of work to each client’s personal needs and goals. I have a keen appreciation of the core values that my Profession advocates, and I am committed to providing outstanding care to support my clients.

My motivation

I am extremely passionate about working with individuals who choose to start therapeutic journeys to feel healthier, more connected and satisfied with their lives. I truly enjoy guiding and supporting individuals in achieving their goals, feeling happier and developing more stable and meaningful relationships (with themself and others). Therapeutic processes are challenging and powerful for both the client and therapist, and I genuinely value each step my clients take towards becoming more resilient, self-compassionate and curious about unhelpful life traps. My client’s renewed ability to make sense of their experiences, their courage in reinventing their lives and to witness their personal growth is incredibly rewarding for me.


BSc (Hons) Psychology,
Doctorate in Psychology,
PhD, Accredited Schema-therapy (on-going).


CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
ACT & Mindfulness
Integrated Psychotherapy
Counselling & Counselling Psychology


Anxiety & Panic
Depression & Unhappiness
Relationship Issues
Stress & Burnout