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Sara Boulter

Chartered Psychologist


We all strive to create the best possible life for ourselves, but the demands of our busy schedules often get in the way. We allow ourselves to be guided by ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ which prevent us from living to our full potential. 

During crises, people often revert to patterns of behaviour that are familiar and safe but not necessarily the best way of coping at that time and this leads to emotional difficulties. Therapy is the process of recognising these destructive patterns and gently supporting the individual to reduce the effects of their emotional distress.

Homage to Blériot (detail), 1914. Robert Delaunay
Musee de Grenoble


In my experience, the therapeutic relationship is key to the outcome of therapy.  The process of building a genuine and meaningful therapeutic relationship involves working collaboratively towards the aim of fulfilling your potential. My approach to therapy is therefore pragmatic at heart, and I adapt my style of work to each client’s personal needs. I work predominantly from a Cognitive Behavioural perspective, drawing on Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment therapies.


Modern life does not offer many chances for us to purely focus on ourselves, but therapy can provide us with an invaluable opportunity to listen to and address our needs. In my experience, being listened to without judgment can be a catalyst for significant positive change. I am motivated by supporting people to make that change, develop new coping strategies, feel in control and more fulfilled.