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Dr Erin Miller

Chartered Psychologist

My Philosophy

I understand human beings in terms of their ‘sense of self’ and the degree to which we feel our ‘selves’ to have power, autonomy and freedom to choose. And we lose power and autonomy the moment we become entangled in rumination about what other people might think of us. Then our choices are no longer directed by the healthy goals and ambitions we might chose for ourselves, but by an endless and misguided struggle to please other people or to improve our image in their eyes.

To compound the effect, when we are feeling at our weakest and most bereft of power, our interpretation of social interactions becomes flawed and infected with negativity. Our mind reading abilities leave something certainly to be desired!

It’s as if our free will has been hijacked and we’re no longer able to see that we have choices we can make for ourselves.

My Approach

My style of therapy is essentially pragmatic. From the start I’ll be helping you to define specific goals for the positive change you want to see in your life. We’ll then enlist techniques from a number of therapeutic modalities, from straightforward CBT to a more existential approach, or techniques designed to help us gain insight into any unhelpful patterns of relating to other people.

Our best selves emerge through experimentation, through a process of creativity and active change. And so I’m also very open to creating new techniques with my clients, all in pursuit of discovering whatever works best in allowing you to enact choices that will move you beyond stuckness and uncertainty, and liberate your sense of autonomy and free will.

But making new choices implies taking action–actions that that will certainly feel daunting to begin with. So we’ll begin by focusing on your existing strengths, and build upon those with smaller steps–which, taken one by one, will continue to reinforce your sense of confidence and optimism.

And because making new choices can indeed be frightening, we’ll also work towards understanding fear from a new perspective, not as something which prevents us from taking action, but as a welcome signal that the choices we are making are the right ones for us.


What originally drew me to working as a psychologist was a passion for problem solving; but more than that, the prospect of working with other people to solve some of the big questions that life throws our way.

There’s something very special about the therapeutic relationship, a depth of connection that it’s a privilege to be a part of. And I find myself humbled and amazed by the heroic risks my clients take as they set out on a life changing journey.

If I can help create an environment of realism and hope, where change feels available and possible, then the true reward for me is in seeing my clients beginning to experience moments of peace and joy in the day to day, with a growing realisation that beyond despair and pain there is another way of being, and the possibility of fulfillment within a life enhanced.


Chartered Counselling Psychologist
Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
MSc Counselling Psychology
BSc Hons Psychology


CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Counselling & Counselling Psychology
ACT & Mindfulness
Integrated Psychotherapy


Depression & Unhappiness
Anxiety & Panic
Anger Problems
Insomnia & Sleep Problems
OCD & Obsessions
Relationship Issues
Sex Issues
Stress & Burnout