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Gill Deane

Chartered Psychologist

My Philosophy

While most people would say that being happy in life is important, sometimes it can feel as if this is an elusive goal. Unexpected events can throw us off course, or old habits can keep us away from what we most want to achieve. Sometimes we can’t even put our finger on what it is that is wrong but we just know something isn’t working for us.

Everyone has it in them to solve problems and make positive change. At times this can feel like an impossible task on our own and so talking things through with someone who is not directly involved in our lives can help facilitate transformation. Psychological therapy at the right time and with the right person can provide the best conditions for problem-solving, self-development and personal growth.

My Approach

We are all unique, and our differences in ways of learning and developing reflect this. To help people achieve their full potential, I draw on a wide range of skills, models and experience to find the best fit for you. I am an integratively trained Counselling Psychologist which means I draw mainly from the Psychodynamic, CBT and Humanistic schools of thinking. I have also undertaken a psychotherapy training in Gestalt Therapy and have experience working in Life/Executive Coaching.

Therapy is not a one-size fits all undertaking. and more than any theoretical model it is the quality of the relationship between therapist and patient that will most likely predict the outcome. It is therefore most important that you feel comfortable in working with me and that the potential to develop through this is there.


Feeling listened to and accepted are powerful factors when it comes to general wellbeing. Throughout my life and career I have seen evidence that positive change and fulfilment is brought about through good quality human interactions. After some years working in teaching and psychoeducation, I retrained as a psychologist and psychotherapist as a means to be able bring more of myself to my work, and I believe, to make more of a difference to others.