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Dr Mariam Tarik

Counselling Psychologist

My philosophy

The reasons behind people seeking therapy are vast. For some, there may be a specific question, situation or symptom that we wish to work on. For others, it may be the desire to understand some part of themselves that they have been struggling to grasp for some time. We all experience times of difficulty and struggle, and often turn to familiar patterns of behaviour to help us manage these times of challenge. Sometimes we may find that familiar ways of coping no longer seem to help, or we notice our patterns with others no longer help us to feel calm and secure. Therapy is designed to create a safe space, with no agenda, so that we can think carefully about ourselves, within the context of our lives enabling us to explore understanding and change.

My Approach

My training as a psychologist means that I am versed in several models of therapy, and I feel that it is important to work in a way which best meets your needs. At the start of our time, we will spend a while understanding what brings you to therapy and how what you are experiencing sits within the context of your life. As we build this picture, we will think carefully about what you hope to gain from therapy and your motivations, and how we may be able to bring about change. These are led by you. Based on this, we will agree how we move forward within therapy, and how we may draw on different models of working to do so.

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I understand what it means to need others and feel this is fundamental to what is involved in being human. I feel incredibly passionate about my work, and that each person I work with impacts and changes me in some way. I feel privileged to be able to walk alongside people as they seek to illuminate the darker corners of their minds.