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Silvia Miranda CPsychol

Chartered Psychologist

My Philosophy

The process of therapy can help people find the inner strength to live more fulfilling lives, unhindered by the fears, stresses and emotional responses that have been holding them back from realising themselves.

It’s clear to me that the most important factor in enabling therapy to do its work is building a safe relationship between client and therapist, one based on a genuine connection, where empathy and respect can thrive. When you get this right, the process of change certainly begins to move more freely.

My Approach

My work has its foundation in cognitive behavioural therapy, but I shift the traditional practice of CBT towards thirst wave CBT interventions such as mindfulness-based approach. In particular, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy — or ACT — is a specific genre of therapy, informed by mindfulness, which incorporates a range of techniques and exercises that, with practice, can help you to respond to situations and emotions in a different, more accepting way. Additionally to CBT I also provide trauma focused interventions such as EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Integrating these approaches means that therapy can then be adapted to suit each individual’s situation and needs. Underlying all this, the goal we have in common is to find a positive way forward to a new ‘arrival point’ in life, where you feel freed from emotional constraints and can begin to explore your full potential.


I’ve always been interested in what makes people tick — that’s almost a given for anyone choosing to train as a psychologist — and so it’s fascinating to me to be always learning more about the psychological processes that lead people towards positive life change. Yes, therapy is certainly challenging work, but the reward I feel when I’m able to make a real difference in somebody’s life is more than compensation.